Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Need a job?

Requirements: You must be an "evangelical" who can convince people that Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama or any other Democrat who decides to run for president, is in fact a Christian who has been "touched by God" or "Called of the Lord" to run for President. You must be able to help your candidate learn how to tell sad stories that move people's hearts about how God is so important in your particular democratic candidates life. You must also have Rick Warren's cell phone number on speed dial because he is the "evangelical" leader that is influencing masses of Christians so if you can convince him to allow your candidate to come to Saddleback church and talk about AIDS then you will will have the job.

For more information about this "job" opportunity click here to read how Hillary Clinton has hired an "evangelical" to help her catch up to Barak Obama who is already ahead of her because he has already spoken at Saddleback church and Rick Warren is his good buddy. (click here)

I also recommend you click here to find out more about what will be required of you for this job opportunity.

Do it quickly! These job opportunities for "evangelicals" who are willing to sell out their Christian values in order to help a democrat get elected, are filling quickly!!! Soon there will be no more openings for you to support a candidate who favors sucking babies out of mother's wombs and even allowing mothers to partially give birth before they murder their child. Soon there will be no more opportunities for you to help a candidate convince people they are Christians despite the fact that they support homosexual rights and allowing the sacred union of marriage to be given to gays and lesbians. Soon there will be no more job opportunities so sign up now!!!! All of the job opportunities for Evangelicals who are selling out Christ and the Bible for a political candidate will be gone!!!

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