Monday, December 25, 2006


As you my loyal readers know (I think I might have a couple of you - maybe...) this blog usually is kind-of like buckshot - it hits and misses all over the place. One post will be serious and the next will be silly. Frequently many of my posts are pointless, some are profound (yea right!).

Anyways, all that said I would like to recommend a download for your computer. As you are well aware of, the internet is filled with lots of awesome sites (like this one :-) and many sites that are awful. Sadly there are many people (especially men) who struggle with internet porn addictions etc.

I used to use a free internet accountability program that would email an accountability partner every couple of weeks and list any questionable sites that I might have visited. This service was not perfect and would often list sites that were not questionable at all. However, all in all it was a decent service but it only worked with Internet Explorer. As most of you may know from reading my blog, I am an avid Firefox fan (if you are still using Internet Explorer you really need to get with the program). The program also suffered because they never update it! Too bad...

Anyways, awhile back I read about a program called K9 Web Protection. It is a free program you can download to your computer and it will prevent any bad sites from being visited on your internet. In the past I had tried out some other free web filters and even some ones that you had to pay for and I was disappointed by the number of good sites that they prevented.

I've been using K9 for several weeks now and only once had it ever prevented a page from being opened and that was a legititment website of a pastor friend of mine. This is the only time I have ever had any trouble with it.

There is an adminstor's password so the administrator can set the settings and allow access if there is any legitiment sites blocked (which like I said has only happened once to me). My wife is the only person who knows the password for the program so this helps prevent any possibility of temptation. Only she can shut down the protections, uninstall, etc.

The reason I've posted this is to just make the suggestion that you install the program on your computer and give it a try and prevent any possibility of temptation for yourself or someone else who may be using your computer.

Click here to visit the site.

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  1. Thanks Jon. I'll check it out this week. Having your wife as the administrator is a great idea. Why didn't I think of that sooner? I'm currently using a McAfee product that came bundled with my anti-virus software. It seems to work OK but I'm the administrator (and could override anything that was blocked). Kinda pointless for me but provides good protection for the kids. I think I'll have my wife take over. It's about time she takes over the IT specialist role at home, anyway!