Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Great story and video

In the video below you will see Christian the Lion being reunited with two men who raised him as a cub. 

It started when two friends living in London in 1969 bought a 35-pound lion cub, who they named Christian, and raised him in a flat under the furniture store where they worked. But after a year, he had grown to 185 pounds and had become very expensive to feed. The men met wild life naturalist George Adamson, who helped them reintroduce Christian to his natural habitat in Kenya.

The main part of the film was shot when Bourke and Rendall went into the bush a year later to attempt to see their lion friend. Christian's former owners had been told the lion wouldn't recognize them. But check out the video and judge for yourself how the reunion went!

This video really makes me think about Heaven. I'm looking forward to the day when the lion and the lamb will lay down together and this earth will become the New Earth. What a day that's going to be!

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