Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just watched the debate tonight online and I've got to say that Huckabee clearly won. Romney had his usual smirk and was annoying as usual (I don't trust this guy further than I can throw him). McCain didn't look good at all (sorry Tim) and when he was asked about why he should be the President in terms of the economy he carried on about being a POW and the military etc. He just didn't do well at all.

Huckabee however was brilliant. I know I'm biased but despite not having nearly as much time as Romney and McCain he definitely showed why he is the most Presidential. His closing answer about whether Ronald Reagan would have endorsed him was moving and incredible (especially after Romney's answer). Perhaps tomorrow I will post the video (I know you're waiting in breathless anticipation).

After this performance I sense that Huckabee is going to regain some of the momentum going into Super Duper Tuesday.

What do you think? I'm sure that my annoyomous commenter(s) will disagree with me... :-)


  1. I am greatly encouraged after Huckabee's performance tonight. When the moderator's threw him a pitch, he hit home run after home run.

  2. I'm hoping he will gain momentum now. I am starting to get emails from friends and family basically telling me that I'm throwing away a vote by supporting MH.


  3. I also am for Huckabee, the only one that is not ashamed to mention Jesus as his Lord and Savior. It truly shocks me that the so called conservative christians are not for him.

  4. I love the photo of Mike with Nancy Reagan. Do you think she requested to stand next to him rather than McCain or Romney? :)
    I agree that Mike clearly won last night.

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  5. Huckabee definately stood out as he always does...I think he will be a great voice for McCain, who Mrs. Reagan, along with nearly everyone else, privately endorsed recently.
    Without a doubt, McCain is probably the least effective in the debate forum. I'm just glad he hasn't punched anyone yet.
    I may just write-in Jim Plank or Byron Gurnee. They are quite close to my belief criteria and are both well spoken. That'll show everyone what I'm standing for.