Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chuck Norris knocks out Sean Hannity!

Okay, maybe not, but as you will see in the video below Norris really took it to Hannity about Romney (and Alan Combs actually made a couple of good points in this video too - I'm shocked!). By the way, Romney is trying to buy the election and he is a major flip-flopper. There is a good reason why Romney won't tell how much personal money he has spent on this election - we won't find out until the end of the month.

Now I know there are some of you who are less than enthused about the whole Chuck Norris/Mike Huckabee deal on the campaign trail. Frankly I think it was a brilliant move back when the first ad came out with them both in it. The reason why I think so is that back then hardly anyone knew who Mike Huckabee was, but everyone knew who Chuck Norris was so they took notice of Mike Huckabee because of the ad and then began to look into him further. I doubt anyone would vote for Huckabee because of Norris' endorsement but it did give Huckabee the name recognition and media coverage he needed.

Now, back to the video below. I was glad to see someone take it to Hannity about Romney. I have felt for some time that Hannity has been pushing Romney even though he tries to say that he hasn't endorsed anyone. His coverage of this election has made me so disgusted that I've turned him off and have not been listening. Or course Hannity's positive coverage of Romney and negative of everyone else could have something to do with Romney's company buying out Clear Channel...

Anyways that's my $.02...O and by the way, I've been living on about 3 hours of sleep every night for awhile so any opinions expressed in this article could be a little affected by my lack of shut eye.


  1. i am so sick of chuck and huck. after tonight they will be done.

  2. The previous comment is not from me... I post my name with my comments.

    I have to agree that Hannity's excuse for the "pulling out of Florida" comment is pretty weak.

    A few good quotes by Norris:

    "So I got back up and went to the big one"

    "and now I'm sticking strictly to facts, and my facts is with Romney"