Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Politics - just Puppies

Some people like Jon Plank (I'm wondering if it's my "nonsensical chatter" which is turning him off? :-) are not as excited as I am about Mike Huckabee and the current election. I've been posting a lot about such matters recently and I'm afraid I've probably bored a few people.

Unfortunately we don't have any children like most of my blogger friends and so I am unable to share exciting pictures of my kids growing up. So tonight I am sharing the following slide show of our puppies. Enjoy!

Vote by posting a comment if you would rather see more slide shows of puppies or more "nonsensical chatter" about Mike Huckabee...

By the way - vote for Huckabee! :-)

Sorry Jon... :-)


  1. LOL you are crazy. I've got to stop blogging about politics. Everyone wonders if I'm talking about them and I'm sounding like I think my decision will sway the masses. I may end up joining your Huck wagon gang soon. I agree with his "bunker" foreign policy statement that a bunch of people didn't like. He's right on the money.

    I think my problem is I have unreasonable expectations...

    cute puppies.

  2. Go on - give Huckabee your endorsement and then you and Chuck Norris can hit the campaign trail together!! :-)