Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holy God - Holy People

Originally when I started this blog one my intentions was for it to be a place where I shared sermons and other pastoral resources. At one time I had the goal of creating a place where other pastoral brothers would share some of their sermons and pastoral resources from a conservative holiness point of view. Well, that never happened...and it's been all downhill since. :-)

So, I thought I would share a sermon I preached a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning. Perhaps someone will find it helpful or useful. Just don't be too hard on me - I've got a long ways to go when it comes to knowing how to prepare and preach sermons.

Click here to download "Holy God - Holy People."

1 comment:

  1. Jon,
    Keep encouraged and give it time. I just found out about your blog and have enjoyed the resources that you have put on it. Very informative and encouraging!
    Byron Gurnee