Saturday, December 15, 2007

Exciting Development!

For awhile now I have been trying to put some of the great sermons by some of the great holiness preachers on the internet. I believe we need to be doing everything in our power to spread Scriptural holiness across the land (and internet :-) and so I have been trying to upload and place some of the great holiness messages by some of the great holiness preachers (past and present) in our movement. My focus has been especially on some of the great preachers of yesteryear.

Some time back I created the site Classic Holiness Sermons. Since it's beginning I have been praying about how to better store the sermons on the web and how to get the message out as much as possible. I love the site SermonIndex and it has been my goal to someday create a site similar to SermonIndex, only with sermons from the conservative holiness perspective. On SermonIndex there are a lot of great classic sermons already.

A couple of days ago the creator of SermonIndex sent me an email offering to host the sermons that I have onto SermonIndex. This was great news to me because I have been using free hosting options that are available, but the problem with free hosting sites is that you can't depend on them and there are a lot of limitations. One site which I had painstakingly upload all of my sermons to and had linked to them, deleted all of my sermons so I have been trying to re-upload them all again.

With SermonIndex hosting the sermons, I will not have to worry about this problem anymore. This is great news! But, the even greater news is that the sermons will also be listed on the SermonIndex website. This means that they will have a much wider audience than just my website alone. I will continue to build my website, but I am excited about the possibilities with the sermons have the large audience of people who visit SermonIndex.

I believe we have the greatest message in the world - the message of full salvation from sin. I am excited about this opportunity to help spread this message via the internet. Already with just the small site I have, I have had quite a few people who have contacted me and have shared how listening to a sermon from the site helped them. Just imagine the potential with the expanded audience from SermonIndex!

Here's where you come in. I need more sermons! If you have old sermon tapes laying around, send them to me and I will put them on my computer and clean up the sound and upload them. If you already have files on your computer, email them to me. It's actually pretty easy to take cassettes and transfer the sound to your computer - I can explain it to you if you need help. I know that there are thousands of tapes and Cd's by some of the great preachers of our heritage that are just collecting dust somewhere. Help me spread the message of holiness by sending me your tapes!


  1. Thanks so much, Jon, for doing such a GREAT work. This is some of the best news that I have heard in a long time. I am serious. Keep up this essential, valuable, and honorable work. You are planting a seed with making Holiness messages available on line which I believe will mature into fruit many more fold than what you or I can imagine. May God bless your labor of love.

  2. I would love to learn how you put cassettes into digital form. Maybe someday when I am in the USA you could take the time to show me.