Friday, October 26, 2007


As you may recall, several months ago a tornado struck the town of Americus Georgia which is just west of where I live. The hospital in Americus took a direct hit from the tornado. I posted pictures about this event previously.

The Sumter Regional Hospital is where my wife was supposed to be currently doing here clinicals for her nurses training. Because of the damage from the tornado, she is doing her training here in Cordele instead.

A company is giving away a free MRI machine to the hospital who submits a video and gets the most votes at The hospital in Americus has posted a video and is trying to win the MRI machine. You can help in this effort by visiting this link and scrolling down the list of hospitals, click on "Sumter Regional Hospital." Watch the 2 minute video and vote for it. The hospital is trying to rebuild and this would be a huge blessing to it.


  1. Hey pastor, thanks for the opportunity to watch the compelling video. I voted for it.

  2. William Mahnken10/29/2007 03:19:00 PM

    Put a thread for it on my photo sites, going out to 2 million+ internationally. So far this morning 8000 votes.


  3. Sorry to be a bad person but I think they have a small problem. Did they read the rules? I saw in the times website a note about thme not following the rules and I think that is a bad thing that they may not get that xray thing. I wish they would have read the rules b4 they did this to bad :(