Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good News!

God has been helping us in unbelievable ways at my church the past few weeks! Within the past month there has been 6 people saved and 1 man has been entirely sanctified! It has been wonderful to see how God has moved. To be honest, this past summer had been a really difficult time for us, but this past month has been wonderful!

One man who was saved about 4 weeks ago had been one of the worst drunks in our town, but praise God the Lord not only saved him but has helped him to be free from alcohol as well! Last Thursday evening two more people from out of the "rough" were saved. It has just been wonderful how God has been helping! I can't get over how good He is.

It is so awesome to see people really repent of their sins and to see how God transforms their lives. I am not interested in having great numbers of people (as many churches report) who go forward, or raise their hands, or shake hands with the preacher, and "accept" Christ and then continue to live their same sinful lives, only now inoculated to the Truth. But I love when people truly repent of their sins and trust in Him alone for their salvation. It is wonderful the change that Christ makes in their hearts and lives!

We have had new families attending and it has been really exciting (as I think you can probably tell by now). Sunday morning we had 61 in attendance and this is the most we have had in some time. It may not sound like much to some of you, but when you start with 20, 61 is awesome!

God is good!! May His Name be glorified!!


  1. That is awesome! It's great that you're not only focussing your efforts on the "worthy" sinners (as I have seen soooo many churches do, both Holiness and otherwise), but are reaching out to all those who need Christ.

  2. I am thrilled that God is doing great things there. He is sooo good!