Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nice salary!

Long time no blog. Sorry...We took a short two and a half day vacation and went camping. We relaxed and throughly enjoyed ourselves. We stayed at the Little Ocmulgee State Park. Most of the time we just relaxed at the camp site. We did visit Savannah Ga. on Friday. We really "roughed it." (We stayed in our travel trailer with a/c, wireless internet, electricity, water, cable access, etc.)

I don't have much to blog about right now. Other than this is a nice salary to make a month! (4.5 million!!!)

By the way, Roger if you just happen to be reading my blog, I'm trying to raise money to buy fifty padded chairs for my churches Kid Church classroom. So, if you would like to donate toward the cause feel free to let me know...!


  1. We're not set on what we're getting yet. However, right now we're looking at about $20 a seat.

  2. Hey Jon...

    Maybe you could try this out. It seems like a pretty cool concept.

    Otherwise, post some instructions on the best way to get the money to you to buy chairs.