Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm reconsidering my prayer for children...

Not really, but for the past two days we've been taking care of a three year old girl and a one and a half year old boy. This morning I have had them in my office with me while trying to study. Agghh!!

My respect for all of you with children just went up! They've been crawling all over me and terrorizing my desk and I've not been getting much studying in...

God bless all of you with children, and I'm reconsidering praying for them... ;-)


  1. Hey, thanks, I appreciate that.....it's about time we parents get some recognition :-) Actually, we were in town the other day as a family and numerous people were commenting on how cute, adorable and beautiful Kylie was, and I couldn't resist saying to Alyse, "Geeez, it's amazing how popular we are now that we have a kid!" It's weird, now we actually appear cool or something.....

  2. Would you like to borrow a couple small boys for a few days?

  3. Trust me, sooner or later kids have a way of invading the study. Armed guards, Dobermans, alligator infested water moat...none of it is an effective deterrant.