Friday, April 06, 2007

Scripture Memorization

Back in grade school and even in high school, I don't remember having any trouble memorizing Scripture. However, sometime in college I think my brain was fried. Memorizing Scripture became very difficult for me. I tend to be very forgetful anyways, and have a hard time retaining much of anything in my mind, especially when put on the spot.

In college in some of my classes when we had to memorize long passages of Scripture I had a terrible time. One of my worst memories of school was having studied for a long time to memorize a long passage for one of my classes and not being able to remember any of it at test time. Our teacher gave no hints whatsoever, and when I stared at that blank sheet of paper my mind was just as blank.

I remember the terrible frustration that I felt and the horrible temptation to cheat that overwhelmed me...finally I just got up and left the class and did not return that day.

Anyways, I shared all of that to say that to my own shame, since I graduated I have not made any attempt to memorize Scripture until recently. God has been stirring my heart to realize the importance of storing up His Word in my heart. I have set a rather ambitious goal for myself, I am striving to memorize at least the first 8 chapters of Romans. With the Lord's help I hope to accomplish this task over the coming months (years?).

I have installed a program called "Memorize His Word" on my computer and am evaluating it. So far I think its going to be a help. If you have any suggestions how to help this ADD boy out, feel free to comment about them. If you have any memorization helps please let me know! I need all the help I can get!

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  1. So your brain got fried there too? Hmph....what a coincidence....