Friday, March 02, 2007


As I'm sure you've heard already, Georgia and Alabama were pounded by storms yesterday. Unfortunately the Bible Methodist Church in Enterprise Ala. had a tree fall through the church - thank the Lord no one was hurt there, but many lost their lives in Enterprise due to the storm.

We have been in revival and last night was the last service. We were concerned about the storm, but prayed God would hold the storm back until after the service. Actually, the storm really missed Cordele by in large. It struck west, north, and south of us, but really went around us.

As you may have heard, Americus Georgia took a direct hit and there is some terrible damage there. Americus is west of Cordele about a half hour. My sister works in Americus, but thank the Lord she was not working there when the storm hit. The hospital took a direct hit and from what I understand the downtown area is whipped out...

There was a man from the church who lost his home to a tornado. He heard it coming and looked out the door and saw it coming directly towards his mobile home. He ran for a shed in the yard and was struck in the head by a branch and knocked down/out. Unfortunately he lost his home...

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