Saturday, March 03, 2007

President Bush in Americus Georgia

President George W. Bush speaks on Benita Fletcher's mobile phone, to her boyfriend Alphonso Smith, as Bush visits the victims of a tornado in Americus, Georgia, March 3, 2007. Here's the story.

I love our President! I get so tired of hearing the negative media coverage about him. No matter what the current polls may say, I think there is going to come a day sometime far in the future, when we realize just how great of a President he was. (By the way, President Lincoln was not real popular in his day either - he was called a lot of the same names and accused of a lot of the same things that Bush is).

Click here to view more photos of President Bush in Americus.


  1. Jon, I agree with you one million percent! I am SICK AND TIRED of the media always putting him down! He is doing a great job! And I am sick of all this talk of how he has increased national spending and increased national debt. Excuse me, but are we not at war? And isn't it hard to fight a war without increasing debt? It just burns me up inside. My red-hot yankee blood gets boiling when I hear all this nonsense. Only the Lord knows where we would be as a country had Kerry been elected. God help us all!

  2. I was going to post something totally different in here, but once I read the last comment I completely forgot what I was going to say!

    About Bush and the national debt, yes, he is the biggest spender this nation has seen, at least since FDR. You may say that my information comes from the liberal media, but when you have a close relative (who is very conservative) who was a pentagon executive overseeing the auditing of the military expenses, that's a little more "inside" than the least I think so.

    As for us fighting a war....yes, we are fighting a war. Part of it I support, part of it I do not. US intelligence has actually seen North Korea performing nuclear testing, but attacking them would not have been as adventageous as attacking Iraq. :-) lol

    And as for Kerry....he would have been way too spineless to be deserve the honor of being called "the worst president of the US." Just look at history....we've had far worse than him.

    Anyhow...enough of me, and you are free to delete whatever on here offends you. I did not mean this in any offensive way....just stating my opinions and beliefs.