Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hey wait a minute...I thought conservative holiness people were the only ones concerned about modesty! (Then again sometimes I wonder about that)

We are of course know for our "legalistic" (as they are called) views on modesty. Now, in the conservative holiness movement I guess you could say I'm pretty "middle-of-the-road" on these issues. I believe the Bible teaches principles of modesty which we should preach, however I do avoid the extremes and abuses that we as a conservative holiness movement have been known for.

That being said I do believe that women should dress like women and men like men. I believe we should dress modestly and with economy.

This is really not a message that you hear much from many other churches other than those in the CHM. However, I found a couple interesting articles on a Southern Baptist pastor's website I thought you might find of interest. While I don't agree with everything in these articles, I found it interesting that there were some Southern Baptist's more concerned with modesty than a lot of conservative holiness people!

Check out the articles and let me know what you think:

Modesty Heart Check by Sovereign Grace Ministries

Modeling Modesty by Mary K. Mohler

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