Saturday, December 09, 2006

Three rolls of duct tape required!

Three rolls of duct tape because you'll need all three for this video! Just when I thought the previous two videos I linked to about dancing and worship were bad, then I had to see this one.

This video comes to you from Saddleback church where the "Pope" of Christianity in America, Rick Warren serves as pastor.

Watch it to see where the modern church movement is at. Watch it and weep about the state of the church in our country. Watch it and thank God for men who have stood up for and warned us about compromise and the direction we are headed. Watch it and and wonder just how long can it be until God says "enough!"?

But warning - you will need the duct tape (all three rolls).

Yes, our God is an awesome and a holy God - how this junk (pelvic thrusts included) can be called "worship" is beyond me - God help us!!

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