Thursday, December 07, 2006

Duct Tape & Worship

What does duct tape and worship have to do with one another you ask? Well, first of all you need your duct tape Bible which you can pick up from Thomas Nelson who is just trying to make another buck off of God's Holy Word. But hey, if the Duct Tape Bible doesn't ring your bell, maybe the Bible as a fashion magazine will. Yep, Thomas Nelson supplies this one as well, and hey, it's updated every year so you can buy a new one each year and Thomas Nelson can make a few more bucks off of God's Holy Word.

Back to the worship thing...what do you need duct tape for when you go to church. Well, if you go to church and you see this happen or this I am confident that your head will explode - hence the duct tape to put it back together again (O, and if you do happen to see something similar to those videos take place at your church and your head doesn't explode please, please, please read your Bible again and spend several hours in prayer and ask God to help you...)

Somehow I don't think that God would be pleased with this "worship." Whatever happened to the fear of God and proper worship of Him? Instead we are mixing the idolatry of the world around us with the worship of Almighty God. God help us!

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  1. Sometimes I even wonder with all this going on if the Lord will tarry another year! I sure wouldn't if I were Him, but praise the Lord, I'm not! Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!