Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No One Cares About Your Blog

Apparently I'm not the only one who opened Christmas gifts early. Steve Calhoun over at The Winding Tale shared this picture of a thoughtful gift his daughters purchased for him for Christmas. While my wife did not purchase me a t-shirt like this, she has certainly expressed those same thoughts about my blog... :-)


  1. I don't care about your blog either.

    KIDDING! As you can tell, I do. That's why I'm posting. :-)

  2. Snifle (wipping tears from my eyes). I'm a so touched - there is actually one person who cares.

    Maybe I can stop seeing my "no one cares about my blog" counselor now...

    Thanks Joel for caring (by the way I read your blog too)

  3. I care about your blog too!

    Oh, wait a minute. I guess that was me posting the first comment. So, I guess it's just one person who cares. (Unless you count yourself. And here you clicked the "comments" link because you thought yet another person cared.)

  4. I visit your blog every week. And it seems I've seen that on another blog site.