Saturday, December 31, 2011

Love that makes your blood run cold

"Furthermore, especially [John] Piper (and no doubt other Calvinists) wishes to say that God has genuine compassion on the nonelect for whom Christ did not die as an atoning sacrifice. "There is a general love of God that he bestows on all his creatures," but this is not the love God has for his elect. And, according to Piper, God has sincere compassion even for the nonelect so that he desires their salvation, even though he declines to provide for it on the cross. To paraphrase John Wesley, this seems to be such a love and compassion as makes the blood run cold.

What love refuses to save those who could be saved because election to salvation is unconditional? What compassion refuses to provide for their salvation when it could be provided for?"

- Roger Olsen from the book "Against Calvinism"

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