Thursday, June 16, 2011

I smile...and cry

I smile to myself this morning as I watch my little girl wandering around our living room. She's figuring things out - exploring her world. And of course she's talking - some words I understand, but most I don't. At times I have to correct her - for her own good of course. But, as I watch her she fills my heart with joy. She's our miracle. There's nothing in the world I would exchange for her - nothing. So, I smile.

As I smile to myself the Lord reminds me that He smiles about me as well. That I bring joy to His heart. Yes I stumble. Yes He has to discipline me because He wants want is best for me. But, I am His treasure. Not because I'm anything but simply because He loves me - He gave His everything for me. Gently He reminds me that He too smiles when watching me stumble through life trying to figure things out.

So now as I smile to myself watching my little girl there are tears in my eyes...because He is smiling.


  1. I totally relate to that. God's relationship to me as my Father means much more to me after becoming a father myself.

  2. So true. Kalena and Natalie have taught me so much about God the Father.