Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Philippines Mission trip - May 2

We woke up and got dressed. I went to iron my shirt and met one of the Filipino pastors wives who helps take care of the missionaries here. She offered to iron my shirt and I didn't hardly know what to say. We sat around and talked with R.G. for awhile. Tim and Derron took naps but I stayed up and worked on messages and talked with R.G. Around 4:00 or so we took the tricycles to town and then took a bus to a mall. The mall is a newer place here and has a lot of nice stores and restaurants including Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, Ace Hardware, etc. I bought a Barong (long dress shirt) and a passport wallet at a place that is kind of like the Walmart of the Philippines called "SM."

There is security guards and police everywhere here. While we were in the "SM" store I asked Tim Keep if there was anywhere I shouldn't use the video camera I had with me. He said no so I started to video the store. Which got me in trouble with one of the security guard. This was great, I had been in the Philippines less than a day and was already in trouble! Thanks Tim! Actually Tim thought that the guard was probably just looking for an excuse to talk to me.

We wondered around the mall for awhile, ate at Pizza Hut, shopped a little longer and were then ready to go back and sleep!

On the bus ride back I got feeling very ill and wondered if I might get sick. I was so glad when the tricycle finally pulled into the campus! We talked awhile and I went to bed at around 7:30 or so. I woke up wide awake at around 12 or 12:30 and called Michelle and then worked on messages for awhile before going back to bed.

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  1. Pastor, thank you so much for posting your journal for the rest of us to read. By the way, today is May 8....what happened to the rest of your trip's journal? You are a little behind...:o) Anyway, I have enjoyed reading about your trip so much. We are all missing you and your family very much, but are thrilled at the opportunity you have been given to minister in the Philippines. Looking forward to having you back in the pulpit next Sunday!
    God Bless,
    Lisa M.