Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I love it when God comes!

As those of you who attend my church or follow me on Twitter or are my friend of Facebook probably know already, my sister came back to the Lord this past Sunday! God came in a powerful way and moved upon people's hearts in our service. I can assure you that this had nothing to do with the Pastor!

Truth be told I had a real struggle as I was preparing to preach my message for Sunday morning. Recently I had been preaching through the book of Acts and had reached halfway through the book and felt like God didn't want me to go any further. My original intention had been to preach on through the book. This left me without clear direction of where I was headed in my messages for a few weeks. A week ago Sunday God helped me to preach from 1 Corinthians 10 on "A Warning and a Way of Escape." But, as I was preparing to preach this last week I was not completely clear on which direction to go. I felt like God wanted me to preach a series on Jesus leading up to Easter Sunday, but for this past Sunday it was one of those times when I was not completely clear what to preach. Those of you who are preachers will probably understand my situation completely - those of you who are not probably not so much...

Anyways I really struggled between two messages. However, God keep bringing me back to what I wound up preaching on Sunday morning. It was however one of those times when you get up to preach with a little more fear and trembling than usual!

But God came! Not that I felt like I preached particularly well. But God's Presence came and spoke to hearts. My message was "Jesus - A Friend of Sinners." Thank God He is and praise God my sister came back Home again!

Following the altar service I had one of our teenage African-American bus kids come up to me with his eyes wet with tears. In the past this boy has caused some trouble in his Sunday School class and you wonder if he's catching anything at all by coming.

This past Sunday he stayed for morning worship which is something he normally doesn't do. After the altar service he met me up front with tears in his eyes and tried his best to express to me that he was thankful for my message. I put my arm around him and told him that Jesus was his friend too. He smiled and pointed at his face and said, "These are tears of joy" and walked away.

I love it when God comes!! All the praise goes to Him!

Unfortunately we occasionally have a problem with our internet during our live streaming/recording and this recording is only a partial one.

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