Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something to think about...

...we do not have to do our spiritual formation alone. For one thing, God is already at work in us to will and to do. For another thing we have been joined to a body of believers by God's Spirit and they are all on the same pilgrimage. Spiritual formation is chiefly part of body life, part of things we do together. We should not be putting ourselves on a guilt trip if we don't have time to spend hours and days on a weekly basis doing certain kinds of supererogatory spiritual formation practices like fasting, or praying all night, or endlessly journaling, or the like. The good news is, the Spirit never sleeps and  is at work in us all the time and the Spirit is the primary agent of our spiritual formation we are not., In any case, what we do together with our fellow Christians is already the main means of our spiritual formation. Everything else should be seen as a supplement to, not as supplanting, our life in the body of Christ. - Ben Witherington
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