Saturday, May 08, 2010


I've been reading with interest Ken Schenck's posts this week about the possibility of "The Great Merger of Wesleyanism." According to Schenck a recent report of the meeting of the General Board of Administration of The Wesleyan Church included the following:
Approved a resolution authorizing the Board of General Superintendents to pursue further discussions with other like-minded holiness denominations regarding the possibility of creating a new holiness denomination for the 21st century.
Schenck has now written three posts about this possible merger (you can read them here, here, and here). What really got my attention this morning was what Schenck wrote in his third post:
This is my third post in relation to recent decisions of the General Board of Administration 1) to explore connection/merger with groups like the Nazarenes, Free Methodists, CCCU, Bible Methodists, etc... and 2) to peal off two general superintendents in preparation for such mergers/connections and to streamline for our own effectiveness in the meantime
He mentions Bible Methodists as a group with whom the Wesleyan General Board of Administration is exploring the possibilities of a connection/merger with. I wonder if there is any possibility of this ever happening? I was shocked to even see us mentioned in the list of possibilities to be honest...

If you are a Bible Methodist would you be in support of this or opposed to it? Obviously, without such an actual proposal being made it's hard to make such a call. Although knowing our history and how we separated from them in the first place I would have serious doubts of a reconnection ever happening. Perhaps if it was in name only (more or less) and we who are Bible Methodists were able to keep our own "convictions"...?

As part of the conservative holiness movement I wonder if we who are part of the CHM should consider a similar merger within our movement of all of our groups under one name...although the possibilities of this ever happening is probably just as slim as the Bible Methodist's joining the merger Schenck writes about. I'm afraid that within the CHM we probably have too many differing and strong views about non-essential issues to ever be willing to merge together. Sadly in some places non-essentials have become essentials...Not to mention the fact that within the CHM the very word "merger" leaves a bad taste in many of our people's mouths - if I'm not mistaken merger is a synonym for compromise, sin, and apostasy. ;-)

Here are the reasons Schenck gives for why groups like the Nazarenes, Free Methodists, CCCU, Bible Methodists should merge (he breaks these reasons down further here):
1. It would be silly not to!
2. Principle of Unity
3. Easier to Fix Things
4. Pooling of resources

So, what do you think? Should the Bible Methodist's consider such a merger with the Wesleyan's, Nazarenes, etc? Should the CHM consider such a merger within our own groups? Feel free to comment and share what you think....


  1. I hope no one interprets this post as an endorsement from me of a merger between the Wesleyan's and the Bible Methodist. I posted this story for information purposes and to cause us to think.

    To the individual that tried to post an anonymous comment I want you to know I rejected your comment because you posted it anonymously. Not long ago I decided to moderate comments because I don't like it when people post anonymously - especially negative comments. I figure if you want to say something negative about another person or group of people you ought to be willing to put your name with it. So, this is why I rejected your comment. I may even agree with you about some of the things you wrote, but don't feel like I can publish your comment for the reasons mentioned above.

  2. I will be interested in following the discussions this brings.

  3. I think it would be wonderful to see Christians who have a relationship with and who worship the one true living God, have trusted Christ for salvation and are filled with the Holy Spirit, working together and loving and respecting each other. What better way to show the world we are His disciples?