Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tag-along Tuesday

I've decided to add a regular feature to my blog where once a week on Tuesday's I'll share some links to some interesting posts, sites, etc that might be worth your time checking out. I've calling this feature "Tag-Along Tuesday's" because I'm having you "tag-along" to some of the things I'm reading and doing and because I can't think of anything better to call it. So here goes:
  • I'm wondering if I have this gene because I'm certain my weight has nothing to do with my eating and lack of exercise. ;-)
  • I'm enjoying the new ESVonline. It's especially nice if you already own the ESV Study Bible because you can then access the Study Bible's notes online. The ESVonline is still in beta and invitation only though (sorry I already gave out all my beta invites...)
  • I ordered the book "Twelve Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur to give out to the ladies of my church for Mother's Day. At less than two bucks a book I figured it was a pretty good gift idea for all of the great ladies in my church.
  • I'm reading the book "Wild at Heart" again. This book resonates with me and I'll be posting a review soon. 
  • I follow 167 blogs (most of the time just glancing at the titles of the posts to see if they're worth reading). According to my feed reader the site that I pay the most attention to is Lifehacker. This is my techno geek side revealing itself I guess... 

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    1. I ordered "Twelve Extraordinary Women" for Mother's day too. Really great gift for an incredible price.