Monday, March 08, 2010

“Tired of a theologically tolerant culture”

According to a tweet today from Essential Church (Rainer Research) "The formerly unchurched are insistent that the church be uncompromising in its beliefs. They are tired of a theologically tolerant culture."

This is a positive sign and should encourage we who are part of the conservative holiness movement to be who we are and stand for the Truth of God’s Word. Obviously we should be uncompromising even if the formerly unchurched feel like we should be, but it is encouraging that in this post-modern age people are growing tired of the all-to-common wishy-washyness of the modern church. “Generic” (my term) “seeker-sensitive” churches, who are afraid to stand for any thing in fear that they might offend someone, are a dime-a-dozen these days. Sure they are that way all in the name of reaching people which is a noble goal but when you water down the Truth to do so you are in grave error!

May God help us who endeavor to preach and teach the message of Full Salvation from sin not to cave to the pattern of the masses but instead be encouraged with the fact that “the formerly unchurched are insistent that the church should be uncompromising in its beliefs” and that “they are tired of a theologically tolerant culture”! We don’t have to water down what God’s Word teaches, and what we believe, in order to reach our world! We need to preach and proclaim the Truth of God’s Word without fear or favor of man!

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