Friday, January 08, 2010

“…that God would stop the plague.”

I like John Piper. His books are (for the most part) good reads. I’ve especially enjoyed “Desiring God” and “When I Don’t Desire God.” I enjoy listening to him preach and have found many of his resources helpful. The problem I have with Piper is his Calvinism and his misrepresentation of Wesleyan Arminianism. Like most Calvinists he frequently uses “straw man” arguments regarding Arminianism.

Follow the link to read a post by William Birch in which he goes “Point by Point with John Piper on Arminianism.”

I love this quote by John Wesley:
"Answer all [the Calvinists'] objections, as occasion offers, both in public and private. But take care to do this with all possible sweetness both of look and of accent...Make it a matter of constant and earnest prayer, that God would stop the plague."

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