Thursday, December 03, 2009

Is everyone already saved?

I watch/listen to a lot of different preachers online. One thing that troubles me is that many of these preachers (there are many who are the exception to this) address their congregations as if everyone there is already saved - I rarely hear a call to repentance. Whatever your view is on altar calls (which have virtually disappeared), everyone must still repent or perish! We must remember that there are only two classes of people: children of God or children of the Devil! Our job as preachers is to declare the Truth and call all men to repentance!

I was reading a sermon by Charles Spurgeon today and was struck by what he said:
At this day the world is still divided into children of God and children of the Evil One. This distinction ought never to be forgotten and yet thousands of sermons are preached in which it is quite ignored—and congregations are commonly addressed as if they were all the people of God! How shall we preach the Truth of God if we begin by assuming a lie? Yet to assume that all our Hearers are Christians is to begin with an error! Is it not highly probable that men will be built up in falsehood if the very Truth which is addressed to them is stated in a false way? No, my Hearers, we cannot talk to you as all the people of God, for you are not! Some of you are the children of the Wicked One and though it may not be pleasant to be told so, yet it is no business of ours to please you! Our duty is to preach so as to please God and benefit the souls of men—and that can only be effected by an honest enunciation of matters of fact.
May God help us who are preachers to remember this!

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