Thursday, October 08, 2009

The role and responsibility of a Shepherd

My Conference President Walter Hedstrom included the following in his weekly email to us pastors. I thought it was very good so I thought I would post it here:
The role and responsibilities of a shepherd are very demanding. The book "Turnaround churches" states.....Shepherds of biblical times lived and worked in parched, inhospitable, and dangerous environs. The occupation was not for the weak. Shepherds encountered harsh weather, rough terrain, and predators...loneliness was expected...Solitude was the norm...Uncertainty was daily fare...The shepherd never heard a word of gratitude from those he carried, restored, fed, and protected. He, however, did not work for the sheep, he tended sheep for HIS MASTER.
May God help me to be a good shepherd as I tend my sheep for the Master!

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