Monday, April 06, 2009

God still works miracles!

I am so thankful that God still works miracles! Several months ago my wife discovered a lump on her breast. It had been there for a long time until finally last week after having to force her :-) she finally went to the doctor to have them examine it. I think the reason she delayed is because she knew that it wasn't good. Anyway, we went to the doctor and the doctor and an intern examined her and informed her that she had a tumor - the only question was whether or not it was malignant. The thought my 28 year old wife having breast cancer terrified me and of course it terrified her as well. The doctor scheduled her to have an ultrasound this morning to see what kind of tumor she had. Once doing the ultrasound she would then probably have to have a mammogram done.

Last Wednesday we anointed her in church and prayed for her. We didn't share with our church what exactly the need was, but we simply asked them to pray. Other's from all across the US were praying as well.

This morning we went in so she could have the ultrasound done. When she laid down on the table the lady asked Michelle to show her where the lump was. When Michelle felt for the lump to show her where it was, it was gone! The lady doing the ultrasound sound then also felt for it, but could not find it. She performed the ultrasound and found nothing. So, she called for the doctor who had just last week felt the lump and told my wife she had a tumor. The doctor and her intern came and they too felt for the tumor but could not find it. They did the ultrasound again, but still could find nothing! (By the way, in all of the months since that lump first was felt, it has always been there and we have always been able to feel it)

God still answers prayer and He still performs miracles! The doctor said there is no need for a fellow-up appointment because there is nothing there! The tumor is gone and God is still working miracles!!

This song has been my prayer throughout all of this: