Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why there is coming an Evangelical collapse in America

I think that part of the reason for this (the coming evangelical collapse in America) is illustrated perfectly in the video below (and yes, this does make my head explode).


  1. I would be really interested in a point-by-point analysis of why this makes your head explode.

    Regardless of the quality level of the production (which could use an upgrade), you have to admit that it is some effective marketing -- they are getting the word out. And even negative feedback is still accomplishing their goal of increased exposure. For instance, I wouldn't have even seen this video had you not posted it on here, even though you did so in a negative light.

  2. How many Biblical principles and commands do they have to violate before you understand why it makes my head explode...?

    It is this kind of junk which causes the world to have no fear of God, and no respect for the Church. This kind of thing may make a few juveniles laugh, but in the end it makes the world scoff at Christ and His Church.

    Can you imagine the Apostle Paul or Peter putting on a wedding dress in an attempt to effectively market the Church so that people would come? No, they preached the Truth and it cost them their lives! If exposure is what they want (even if it's negative) then they ought to stand on that same street corner and preach the Gospel. That will get them negative exposure (from the world) and at least the world would be hearing the Truth!

    What a sad day it is when this is what ministers of the Gospel have stooped to in order to get people to church!!

    Seriously, what would you think about your pastor (I have no idea who your pastor is) if he stood out on the street corner, dancing around in a wedding dress?

    By the way, since when did the criteria for if something is right or wrong become, "It's okay if it's effective marketing"? The porn industry has effective marketing tactics - this doesn't mean I'm going to stoop to their level (although some churches have come awfully close)!

    I don't think there's anything wrong (as I've stated previously) with trying to make your church attractive and using some marketing to invite people to attend, but good grief, when did the Church world become so obsessed with marketing itself to were we'll do anything to get people to come (including having our male pastor's stand on street corners in wedding dresses)...

    I must have missed the verse that says, "Go into all the world and dress as cross-dressers so that the world will flock to your church where you can entertain them with your silly skits, rock music, and self-help sermons..."

  3. I think I heard a BYOB event sponsored at the church??? Maybe that is just one of the reasons for Allen despite the fact that they are violating an abomination law. Okay..maybe I take the Bible to literally.