Monday, March 02, 2009

Today one of my heroes died…

I just received the news that Rev. Albert Barr passed away this morning. Bro. Barr was one of my favorite preachers and one more my heroes. He was an incredibly smart and educated preacher who had the ability to still communicate with those who weren’t quite as intelligent (people like me)!

I’ll never forget hearing him speak when I was a young boy and him telling about dissecting a frog. Nor will I forget him coming to Penn View Bible Institute while I was in college and preaching for our revival. He stayed in the men's dorm and many of the nights we stayed up long after we were supposed to be in bed laughing at stories he told and enjoying a demonstration of a computer game he had designed.

He was a great example of a holiness man and I will miss him, however I am thankful that he is no longer suffering and I hope to someday meet him in Heaven!

Click here to Rev. Albert Barr preach


  1. I remember that revival. It was my freshman year and I was really struggling. Bro. Barr took some time to talk to me and through that conversation I started to get established. He will be missed.


  2. I remember the story about the frog and its "tumor" :-). Bro. Barr was one of my favorite preachers too, and truly a great man.
    --Curtis Going

  3. I remember the story about that frog and its mysterious "tumor" - I've told that story different times since then.