Monday, March 16, 2009

College BB Bracket Pick 'em

It's that time again - time for the annual March Madness. I've once again started a Yahoo group so we can have a little friendly competition. Join the group and make your picks for who you think will win in the NCAA tournament. If you would like to join the group click here and let's see who can pick the most right teams!

The password is "bloggers".

Last year after I did a lot of trash talking and I wound up coming in dead last in our friendly competition. Below are last years final standings. This year I'm going to turn things around and you all are going down! LOL! Last year I gave away some books to the winner, I haven't decided yet what I'll give away this year (maybe a whole bunch of nothing :-)

Final Standings (2008):

1 NCAA 08 Darrell Stetler

2 Travis Johnson Travis J 116

3 Carl Damon firefighter0888 100

4 Aaron McCarty's Picks aaron_m_mccarty 91

5 Jon Plank jplank1807 91

6 Marcus Evans marcspaz 86

7 VCL Mountaineers Chris 79

8 MM Special Martin M 79

9 Mahnken Bacon William 79

10 C Lambeth cnlambeth 73

11 jonluvsmichelle * jonearls 70

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