Friday, March 27, 2009

Africa’s Witch Children

You can’t help but be moved to tears by the human wreckage left in the wake of Pentecostalism’s sweep across Nigeria as children are starved, tortured, beaten, and killed because some “prophet” or “prophetess” labels them a witch. What is going on in these churches and with these so-called “pastor’s” makes my head explode and my heart break.

Stepping Stones (an organization helping these children) said the following on their website:

“Stepping Stones Nigeria does not wish to denounce any faith organisation. However the role of the church, especially some of the new Pentecostals, in spreading the belief in child witches cannot be underestimated. There are numerous so-called pastors in the region who are wrongly branding children as ‘witches’ mainly for economic self gain and personal recognition.”

This is a documentary that you must see, but be warned, it contains some graphic and disturbing images and material.


Here’s a news story and video about this crisis:

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