Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Question

Has Our Passion For Revival Waned?
Throughout Church History there have been those who passionately pursued revival. In the English speaking culture we can think of people such as Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, or Charles Spurgeon. Recently I was reading a biography of Spurgeon in which the author spoke of the great prayer revivals of 1858-1859 that begin in New York City with noon day prayers and these prayer meetings soon covered most of the Eastern United States from New York all the way south to Charleston, South Carolina. The prayer meeting revivals spread from the United States back to Europe and soon impacted the famous Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (then the largest church in the world) pastored by Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon was truly blessed by what he saw as crowds flooded not just Metropolitan Church but scores of churches in England.

The revival of 1858-59 came historically before the tragic American Civil War that would take the lives of millions. It seems that the revival came at just the right time, to prepare millions for eternity.

None of knows the future. We can try to read the signs but in the end only God knows the future. But I believe that our hunger should not cease for revival and yet the question that is on my mind these days is this: Is the passion for revival starting to wane?
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  1. I think it has. Because people are so busy with other things.