Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Refresh

As you can tell I’ve updated my site – hope you enjoy.


  1. I notice that they include Pentecostal in the title. What year did the Pentecostals pull away from mainstream holiness?


  2. Funny you should mention that because I'm going to be making refernce to this in my sermon this morning. Many of the early "Holiness" churches went by term "Pentecostal." i.e "Pentecostal Rescue Mission" "Pentecostal Brethren in Christ." Martin Well Knapp and Seth C. Rees founded a denomination in 1897 which soon became known as the "International Apostolic Holiness Union and Churches" this group later became the "Pilgrim Holiness Church." There were others as well. I think after the Tongues movement grew in popularity the churches from our heritage gradually began to drop the term "Pentecostal" from describing us. Now, down here in the South I can't even describe my church as being Holiness - much less Pentecostal...