Friday, January 16, 2009

Sad to see him go...

I haven't always agreed with President Bush. At times I've been very disappointed. However, I do believe he has always tried to do his best for our country. He was faced with increadible problems from the very beginning of his Presidency. September 11 is a distant memory now, but can you imagine if Al Gore would have been our President following September 11th? It's a horrible thought to think of Al Gore being our President at all - let alone following 9/11! I'll never forget the fear and uncertainty that followed 9/11, but thanks to President Bush's leadership we have not had another major attack here in our country.

Most of us are tired of Iraq by now. Mistakes were made, unfortunately many brave people lost their lives fighting there. However, I believe President Bush went it to Iraq because knowing everything he knew, he believed it was in the best interest of our nation. Now Iraq and its people are much better off than before and have a great opportunity at freedom.

President Bush has had to deal with a media who has been out to destroy him from day one. They absolutely hated the fact that he was elected (twice) and they have done everything to make him look like a complete failure his entire Presidency. Unfortunately I'm afraid they've succeeded for the most part. Even people who once were a huge fan of Bush I have heard trash him and say horrible things about him. Again, I haven't agreed with him on many issues, but I don't think that he is deserving of some of the hateful things I've heard people say about him...

Anyways, I'm sad to see him leave the Presidency. Who knows what the next few years hold for us...? I do believe that someday we will have a better understanding and appreciation of President George W. Bush. Thank you President Bush (I know your reading my blog ;-) for giving of yourself and leading our nation for the past 8 years!


  1. Jon, your a great American. I was real happified by your comments. Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree with you. I don't agree with everything President Bush did, but I believe that he does not deserve the vilification that has been heaped upon him