Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Black eye and burst ear drum…

Yes, my wife beat me up! Not really!! The burst ear drum came while flying out to South Dakota to visit my wife’s family and go hunting. The black eye came when I shot at a deer with a gun I had never fired before – unfortunately the eye relief on the scope was not right for me and the kick was a little more than I anticipated and the black and blue and bloody eye was the result. At first all I saw was black and I wondered if I would ever see again out of my right eye…the picture below is from a day or so later it wasn’t as bad looking as I figured it would be! The good news is that I did shoot two mule deer previous to this incident. I have no idea where this shot landed – other than the scope landed in my eye ball!



  1. The kick of a gun is what scares me about guns. That is why I've always said if I could go hunting I would love to go during bow season. At least you didn't shoot your eye out. LOL!

  2. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the eye. I got a cut between my eyes one time from a "scope kiss." How about some pictures of the deer shot?

  3. I meant to say "of the deer you shot."