Monday, December 15, 2008


"Volition" is an absolutely incredible short film that you need to take 15 minutes to watch. "Volition" masterfully places its unnamed central character in the context of three of the greatest human rights violations in history: the holocaust, slavery, and abortion. Click here to go watch the film.

Read more about this short film here.

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  1. Excellent video, and extremely well made!

    My only comment is that yes, while slavery was wrong and needed to be abolished, I believe the manner in which it was abolished has caused so many problems that we still face today. And don't get me started on that power-hungry idiot Lincoln who fought an illegal war and threw our Constitution right out the window in order to maintain control. I might be proud to be a Northerner, but when it comes to Civil War politics, I definitely side with the South :-)

    Besides, if the blacks (okay, African-Americans) feel they have a right to complain they should just look at how the Indians (okay, Native Americans) were treated....and even massacred when our government deemed it expedient. And all of this is coming from a proud Irish-German-Scottish-Polish-American :-)

    BTW, what happened to your post about SUVs at the alter?