Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting older…

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 28 and I can’t say that it feels much different than 27 did. Anyways, yesterday I was driving my school bus and it was the last day of school before Christmas break. I asked the kids if they knew what today was and some of them said Christmas break, last day of school etc. One of the girls guessed it was my birthday. So then all the kids started wishing me a happy birthday and one of the boys asked if I was 40! I teasingly told him I was going to write him up for thinking I was that old!

So, after I dropped all of the children off at school I radioed in to my boss and asked her in a serious voice if I could write up a student for suggesting I was 40. She didn’t answer me back write away and then finally she told me to write him up and come see her. She thought I was serious! I immediately radioed back and told her I was kidding of course. When I got back to the shop she told me that a bunch of the other bus drivers and mechanics were all in the office when I radioed in and they all thought I was serious and she didn’t know how to respond. They couldn’t believe I wanted to write a student up for suggesting I was 40 but she was going to support her driver so she told me to write him up and come see her! It was really quite funny!

So, I’m getting older and I guess I must look at act like I’m 40…I’m getting to be an old man!


  1. LOL!! I got older on Monday (the 15th), but most people think I look 16 years old and I turned 26 on Monday.

  2. What is really weird is when you feel 25 inside but you're actually over twice that old. The only way you remember is when you look in the mirror or see a frightened look in your little students eyes.