Friday, October 10, 2008

Their god is in their back pocket

The theme of Obama supporters right now is the fact that character doesn't really matter, it's all about the economy. Of course they don't want any attention on the fact that Obama is a shady character with a lot of shady friends.

I am growing weary of hearing how McCain needs to talk about the economy and not character. Yes, I am concerned about the economy (although I think a lot of the current market downturn is media driven in hopes of getting Obama elected). However, character does matter and in my opinion is much more important than what a candidate is going to do about the economy.

All of this has caused me to think about the fact that most people's god is in their back pocket (at least for men-women carry their god on their shoulder). Most people's god is their money and if they feel like something is going to affect their god they are willing to sell out on all principles whatsoever.

We saw this back when Clinton was in office. He was having an affair in the Oval Office but that didn't really matter because the economy was good. I've even heard how good a president Clinton supposedly was from holiness people!

It's not just Democrats whose god is in their back pocket - Republicans are guilty too. We saw it back in the primaries with Mike Huckabee. I was so disgusted with the Republicans then because all that matters to many of them was money. We were told that Mitt Romney was the one we should nominate because of money. I don't think there was any talk radio people who supported Huckabee other than Neal Bortz. The reason: money.

It's time to stop worshiping the god of money and start worshiping God. It's time for character to matter again and for morals to be more important than money. It's time for life to be more important than the lust for things. God help us!!

I am now climbing down off of my soapbox and returning to regularly scheduled programming...

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