Friday, October 03, 2008

My 2 cents

Here's my thoughts on the debate last night (as if you care):

Palin was great! She wiped the floor with Joe Biden! Yes she was folksy and down-home. Yes she will and has been criticized for being too folksy. However, she connected. Biden looked old, tired, and grouchy. I feel like she had substance with style (both are important). You can argue that Biden had substance (although I would question most of his "substance"), but he rattled off too many numbers that most people know nothing about. He repeated himself too much and sounded too much like a politician (which of course he is but that's not a good thing...) Again, I believe Sarah Palin connected with your average person watching at home and for this reason I think she won the debate soundly.

I think this is going to cause a similar "bump" like what happened after the convention and hopefully it will carry the McCain-Palin ticket to victory in November!

Sorry Joel, but you got it wrong! ;)


  1. Hey, I hope you are right! AND, it seems that the conventional wisdom is that Palin did well, so whether she actually did or not is irrelevant so long as people perceive it.

  2. It is interesting the amount of interest in America from a Canadian. Eh?


  3. Actually I do care about (or at least am interested in) your opinion. That's why I read your blog each day ;)

  4. Yea, what do Canadians know anyways... ;) j/k