Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Prayers Needed!

Yesterday there was a terrible accident involving two vehicles and a school bus in South Georgia. The story and two videos can be found here. In the videos you will see a white pickup truck which was involved in the wreck. The school bus was stopped and there was a mini-van behind it and the pickup was stopped behind the van. A semi slammed into the pickup causing a chain reaction accident.

David Ebersole was the man driving the pickup. He is an assistant at a Church in South Georgia that is pastored by Norman Ward. The Ward's often visit our Church for special services etc. Bro. Ward called me today to request prayer for Bro. Ebersole who is in very serious condition in the hospital in Tallahassee.

One thing that is not mentioned in the news accounts is the fact that those who responded to the accident thought the Bro. Ebersole was dead. In fact, the family received news that he had been killed. Thank the Lord he survived but he needs our prayers. I believe he has 10 children so pray that he makes a full and swift recovery.

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