Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Intresting Reading from John Wesley's Diary

I came across this entry as I was reading today. I found it extremely interesting. It is Wesley's entry for July 1, 1736. This entry was made while Wesley was in Georgia.
The Indians had an audience; and another on Saturday, when Chicali, their head man, dined with Mr. Oglethorpe. After dinner, I asked the grey-headed old man what he thought he was made for. He said, “He that is above knows what He made us for. We know nothing. We are in the dark. But white men know much. And yet white men build great houses, as if they were to live forever. But white men cannot live forever. In a little time, white men will be dust as well as I.” I told him, “If red men will learn the Good Book, they may know as much as white men. But neither we nor you can understand that Book unless we are taught by Him that is above: and He will not teach you unless you avoid what you already know is not good.” He answered, “I believe that. He will not teach us while our hearts are not white. And our men do what they know is not good: they kill their own children. And our women do what they know is not good: they kill the child before it is born. Therefore He that is above does not send us the Good Book.”
The words of this Indian chief were so true. No one lives forever. I heard just tonight about a man with 8 children and a wife who was changing the oil on his car and the car fell and he was killed, he was probably in his early 40's. No one lives forever.

Then I found the Indian chief's words about how his people did what they knew was not good in the way that they killed their own children, and the women killed their children before it was born. What does this say about us? Now 272 years later and we here in America who are supposed to know the "Good Book" are killing our children including the unborn? Our nation is in sad shape!

The chief's words, "Therefore He that is above does not send us the Good Book" is a poignant warning to us today. Just what will God's judgment be for us who have had His Word but have not obeyed? I think that we are just now being to find out. May God help us!


  1. Wow....It does not take a clinic.


  2. Interesting blog. I don't know where you get all these weird clips of false prophets. Personally I don't care to see even a clip. We are to cling to the true and TURN AWAY from the false.