Thursday, April 17, 2008

My People!

It was kind of ironic really, a few minutes ago I had two windows up on my computer. One was streaming video of the pope in Washington D.C. holding mass. There was thousands and thousands of people there. Really it was quite beautiful...

Then, I had a second window up on my computer with streaming video. This video was of the Inter-Church Holiness Convention in Dayton Ohio. There is probably a couple of thousand people there - I don't know exactly how many attend. Things were decorated nicely, the music is good, but really in mere aesthetics it doesn't begin to compare with the mass in Washington.

However, there is only one place that I wanted to be this morning. I had no desire to see the pope - my heart was not in Washington D.C. and the people present were not my people.

My heart was in Dayton Ohio. My people are those people. I could really care less to hear the pope preach a sermon, but there were some preachers in Dayton who I would have loved to hear.

I heard someone refer to the pope as "His Holiness." Quite frankly I'm not interested in the "holiness" that the pope or Catholic church has to offer. However, the message of holiness being preached at the IH Convention is the true message of holiness and the message that stirs my heart and makes me long for more of God and His holiness.

My people are in Dayton...and so is my heart.

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