Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Me" Worship


  1. How sad, but true. Maybe this is why Jesus is still waiting for His bride? She needs to grow up!!

  2. I can't believe this level of the "me monster"...to actually put it in song!
    we are so much more crafty. we just live it out in our apathy for anyone in need around us, and then try to slip in the occasional "bragimony" for furthur affirmation. Even more effective is the "me prayer" that centers on guess who... me. Seeking personal greatness, making claims as I look down my own ski-slope at those who just cant "get it". Yes, it's all about me and my little life and how God can make it better...for me. The devil himself couldn't do a better job of keeping our young and old alike spinning in self-absorbed confusion while keeping the focus in our midst, on our claims and processes, and away from the lost next door. I don't need some silly little song making it obvious to everyone...but hey, whatever turns the crank. Now if I can just fumble along in my me-moment until the next special service....
    great post.