Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Good Question

Whatever happened to holiness...in the Church?


  1. I want to know something as a Born-Again Conservative Christian. If Mike Huckabee is such an honest Christian full of integrity, why does Mike Huckabee's blog site edit out any and all negative posts? Why can't we as American's have an honest, open and UNEDITED discussion about his candidacy? What is Mr. Huckabee trying to hide? I do not trust this man from the debts of my spirit filled heart and I will not vote for him EVER. Not as President nor as anyone's VP (listen up McCain). I have NEVER voted democrat in any election and if the Huckster cons his way onto any ticket, I will switch my vote to the other side or just stay home and watch this country fall further from God.

  2. i will also not vote for huck.if he is on any ticket i will vote for hillary or oboma just to prove a point. huck is a right wing nut who is also a liberal.his son is a dog killing maniack.is this what you want running around the white house. romney is a real man.