Monday, February 11, 2008

Can Huckabee Win?

As we saw over the weekend, it is very clear that Huckabee is now the choice of the conservatives. He spanked McCain in Kansas 3:1 and won in Louisiana. He may have won in Washington but as of right now they stopped the counting of votes at 87.2% with McCain leading by a mere 200 votes and declared McCain the winner. If McCain wants to have any credibility in my mind he should demand that the remaining votes be counted.

Of course much of the media is saying that Huckabee can not win the nomination and should get out. My question is if he can't win than why do they want him out so bad? Anyways, watch the video below which answers the question "Can Huckabee Win?"

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  1. Excellent presentation of the facts. Your video gave clarity to the numbers and processes involved in this nomination. If I could share a video with you of a song I wrote for Mike and the issues for which he stands, Please take a moment to watch this:

    The song itself is just a couple of minutes. I hope it inspires you in the issues for which Mike Huckabee stands. I hope you'll feel free to comment, etc.


    Gary Scharrer