Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Great Article

Huckabee presents the best choice for Reagan supporters by John Linder




    Its time to put up or shut up!

    Folks must stop pussy-footin around. Time to sound the alarm and pull out our wallets !!!!

    If I sound mad it is becuause I am really MAD ! Mike's campaign is going down because there are thousands of people who have not made any sacrifice to save our nation and the republican party. They know Mike Huckabee is the only one who can do it. These are the ones who will blame it all on the pundits and establishment. But, it will be because of selfishness, plain and simple - that Mike's message will not reach the voters. So, I will not shy away from strong speech here. Thousands of people need to get off their duff, pull out their credit cards and give Mike at least $50 bucks today.

    Food for thought: If the vulgar, mean spirited RP supporters can raise millions in one day... why can't millions of American Christians give generously in this time of dire need? Shame, shame, SHAME ON US !!!!!

    Amazing !! The very people who have everything are unwilling to give anything !!

    Prove me wrong - I dare you!
    Those to whom I am talking to know who they are.

    No more nice talk. Spread the word far and wide. Mike Huckabee is broke and we are the only ones to help.

    These are the facts:

    Mike needs 400,000 supporters to donate $50 immediately - that means now.

    To all the folks who say they love and support Mike -
    $50 will not break anyone.

    There are a whole lot of "supporters" who have not given a single dime. Shameful !

    If Mike does not have over 400,000 supporters who can give him $50 today, then hang it up.

    Bloggers !!! Make a big deal, splash the challenge to everyone - call on 400,000 supporters to give $50 immediately and show the results - in the number of people giving $50 or more.

    People think their little contribution does not matter. They should be ashamed. We spend $25 just going out for a quick bite, and another $25 going to the movies.

    There is absolutely no reason why Mike should not be able to raise $20 million dollars this week!

    Except for our greed and selfishness.

    Every person who claims to love and support Mike needs to get this message.

    Only 400,000 people X $50 = $20,000,000 !

    $ 20 million dollars.... are there not at least 400,000 of us who have $50 bucks?

    There are no excuses. Get off your wallets and put your money where your mouth is...TODAY !!

    Help Mike Huckabee -
    Give generously!

    Go to the Campaign website:


    and click on the "Contribute" Tab - then donate to Mike's Campaign now.

    Use Donor Code: R1808

    Mike's success depends on 400,000 people's generosity....

  2. huckabee is a joke. he will raise your taxes. is that what you want?

  3. Are we going to let Romney "BUY" the nomination? It just seems so unfair to me that he should have that advantage. Please help Mike compete effectively by donating to his campaign fund here:


    I have already given $150. but will match the next contribution of $25. given to Ranger Donor Code R6119, so that will double your contribution!

    Better yet, remember that our Government will soon be giving us at least $300 rebate so consider giving a % of that upfront.

    And please remember to Pray, Pray, Pray for God's will to be done.